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On a scale of 1 (low) to 12 (high), rate your firm's level of proficiency with regard to the following items in creating the success you aspire to in your Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Asset Protection Law Firm. Upon completing the scorecard, we will e-mail your custom report to the e-mail address you've provided.

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Question 1 Time Commitment Time Commitment: 1-3 I work as much as needed to get the bills paid. My family time is often stressed, and I tend to miss family events. Time Commitment: 4-6 I work 10 hours a day and some hours on the weekend to get the work done. Time off is rare, but I manage to get away at least one week per year. Time Commitment: 7-9 I work 45 hours a week and occasionally on weekends, but generally I am able to get all client work done within regular business hours. Time Commitment: 10-12 I am able to get all client work done within regular work hours, working no more than 45 hours per week, and I hardly ever work on weekends. Select Your Score
Question 2 Team Team: 1-3 I am it. I don’t have employees except one part-time person who helps me. I am responsible to do it all. Team: 4-6 I have 1 or 2 staff members, and we each do our part to get the work done. Everything gets doe, but it’s usually a scramble, and managing people is a big stress. Team: 7-9 I am an effective leader of my team, and I rely on "key" employees who have been with me a long time to continue to operate the firm efficiently and profitably. Team: 10-12 My firm is lead by others that embrace my values. My firm grows without needing me. Everyone focuses on their unique strengths and enjoys coming to work. Select Your Score
Question 3 Efficiency Efficiency: 1-3 We hit the ground running each day to take on the needs identified. We do what we have to do when we have to be sure everything gets done and bills are paid. Efficiency: 4-6 We all work together to keep track of ongoing marketing, hires, and client work. We allocate tasks to the right people to ensure they are completed in a timely manner. Efficiency: 7-9 Marketing, sales, work in process, and ongoing client service is tracked in a practice management system that reports all key measures necessary for profit. Efficiency: 10-12 We have one- and three-year goals and work within a calendaring and reporting system that maximizes efficiency and profit. We achieve our goals in bite-size pieces with weekly accountability. Select Your Score
Question 4 Clientele Clientele: 1-3 Most prospects are mostly tire kickers and want free advice. They ask if I am better than "online" forms, focus primarily on cost, and talk me down on my fees. Clientele: 4-6 Clients appreciate our quick service and the simplicity of our plans. They like our streamlined fee structure that is less expensive than other firms in town. Clientele: 7-9 Our clients understand planning is more than just legal documents. They pay us more than other firms because they value our firm’s knowledge and expertise. Clientele: 10-12 Our clients are like family. They attend our social events and quarterly programs, love our plan guarantee, and willingly pay us an annual fee to keep it current. Select Your Score
Question 5 Profitability Profitability: 1-3 I live by "the money in the checkbook rule." (If it’s in the account I can do it. If not, I can’t), and the money is not in the account as much as I need it to be. Profitability: 4-6 My firm is profitable intermittently. Overall, I end up positive but never quite make as much money as I had hoped to make. Profitability: 7-9 I make what I need to maintain my desired lifestyle. I am able to take at least 2 weeks off per year and put some money away for retirement. Profitability: 10-12 My firm is very profitable. I make as much money as I always wanted, employees are paid well, we contribute to community causes, and I am able to grow my wealth. Select Your Score
Question 6 Value Value: 1-3 My firm is worth the most to me because it enables me to work for myself. It’s not always easy, but it sure is better than working for someone else. Value: 4-6 My firm is starting to grow, and I am hiring more support staff. It predominantly relies on me to succeed, but I see I will be able to rely on others more in the future. Value: 7-9 I have become a brand in my marketplace, and I have built a team that ensures the work I generate gets done profitably and in a timely manner. Value: 10-12 My firm has consistent profit and growth and is run by others. It is system-dependent, not person-dependent, and very salable if or when I decide to sell it. Select Your Score
Question 7 Scalability Scalability: 1-3 I am the primary earner for the firm. It makes as much money as I am able to generate. I hope to hire more help so I can focus on generating more business. Scalability: 4-6 I have one or two key people on whom I rely to help me get my work done so I can focus on getting more business. We struggle getting it all done but are making progress. Scalability: 7-9 I have an associate/other employees that generate revenue. My team is able to meet client needs and run the firm profitably and consistently, even during my absence. Scalability: 10-12 My firm operates on an infrastructure that permits continuous growth and profit that is independent of a specific person(s) and is tracked systematically to meet its goals. Select Your Score
Question 8 Joy Joy: 1-3 Going to work each day is a struggle because I never know what’s going to blow up, and it feels like I am always fighting to meet my financial commitments. Joy: 4-6 Work has become a routine that is acceptable. While I don’t always make as much as I want and sometimes work more than I prefer, I enjoy what I do. Joy: 7-9 Going to work is enjoyable. We have all become friends and work well together. We enjoy our clients and the relationships we have created in the community. Joy: 10-12 I love going to work. My employees and clients are like family. We often have social events with clients, employees, and their families that develop our friendships. Select Your Score